Fake during quarantine: how the facts about Kherson Bud are manipulated in Kherson



Fake during quarantine: how the facts about Kherson Bud are manipulated in Kherson

Substitution of documents, manipulation of facts, free interpretation of the posts of the Minister of Justice in Facebook, slander and dirt – such methods were chosen by the invaders "Khersonstroy", which, on March 12, the Ministry of Justice has deprived the corporate rights and property of the enterprise turning its Founders ― Family of honorary citizen of Kherson Borys Sandik.

In a few days the editorial board of "Stopbark" received calls and letters from residents of Kherson. People asked to understand and tell the truth about what is happening with Kherson Bull, because information in social networks and local press is controversial.

"We understand that we are deceived and understand that our former mayor's balance is behind it. Tired of lying! Tell us what really happens ", a resident of Kherson wrote.

At the request of the Kherson region "Stopkor" again returns to the theme of "Kherson will" to dot the "I".

As previously reported "Stopkor", on March 12, resumed the rights of captured enterprises of Kherson region, in particular "Kherson region" ("KPD-5 С", "Paritet"). Order in the registries brought on the initiative of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on the basis of the Supreme Court decision of 13 February 2019, which confirmed the legality of the abolition of the justice of raiding documents, which seized the property "Khersonwill".

Illustration: Stomkor

Representatives of the Raider clan of the former mayor Salda, which has already written "Stopkor", immediately resorted to massive information attack. The goal-to avoid the return of captured property by misleading public and public authorities.

Local MEDIA published several materials of unknown authors, who twisted facts about the situation around "Khersonstroy" and violated the standards of journalism.

In particular, the authors of the article on the site "Kherson region a day" estimate the changes in the State register only from the position of the clan of scandalous policy of Vladimir Salda, who deprived of all seized rights.

According to the information from the residents of Kherson, "Stopkor" even understands who the dear people of Mr. Salda is the author of this and similar articles. But this is a little later.

The article, in particular, is a quote from the Minister of Justice Denis Maliansky about the actions of Registrar Mustafayev, who made changes to the registers on several enterprises. The same happened to "Khersonbudom".

"And now we are going to run through, what are the actions committed by the State registrar Mustafayev", ― offer the authors of the article. And go to the theme of "Khersonwill". At the same time, even publish the order of the minister, from which shows that Mustafayev punished. However, the document ― not a word about "Kherson bud" or "CRC-5с".

The first thing that comes to the attention of the attentive reader ― why photo orders in the article do not correspond to the content of the post of the minister?

The Minister's order relates to a completely different enterprise – Investment company Forum. This is a substitution of documents and a conscious misrepresentation. After that day, this registrar has made several registration actions that are not related to "Kherson will"!

Why the authors of the article replaced the order about "KPD-5с" on another enterprise? Perhaps, because it shows that the Ministry of Justice rejected the Raiders in satisfaction of the majority of requirements?

Order of the Ministry of Justice Photo: screenshot

Here is the order with the mention of "KPD-5с", "hidden" by Kherson MEDIA. Please note: By complaint Borisenko, given the next day after the restoration of the Sendiks ' Rights, the Ministry of Justice has abolished only one registration action ― in relation to the director's appointment ― through formality. In meeting other requirements of the Justice Raiders refused.

"In meeting other requirements, to refuse, since the consideration of the issue of cancellation of registration actions from 12.03.2020 149999931012164" cancellation of registration action by judicial decision "does not belong to the competence of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine", ― says the order of the Ministry of Finance 19.03.20 no1025/5

Thus, on March 19, only a change of the name of the director of "KPD-5с" was canceled.

"16.03.2020 in the Ministry of Justice registered the complaint of Borisenko О. B. As a result of the sole examination, the order no1025/5 was taken, in which: P. 2 canceled the registration of the Protocol of the General meeting in relation to the appointment of the director of the CPOA -5 sec, the authenticity of the signatures on which the 23.05.2018 without the use of special forms (note that current by that time the editorial board Part 1 of article 15 of the P. 3 denied cancellation in the state Register of the USR registration action of 12.03.2020 R. "Undo registration action by judicial solution.

It is stated that this registration action does not belong to the competence of the Ministry of Justice. Please note that in pursuance of the Supreme Court decision of the 13.02.2019, Ministry of Justice issued the order from 01.03.19 no634/5, which legally resumed the validity of the order from 26.09.2017 no 3026/5, which canceled the registration action of the State Registrar Kaluhyina i. From 30.08.2017 R. And the information on the founders ' structure of KPD -5 sec in correspondence to the documents registered in the USR to 30.08.2017 was carried out. In particular, the founders of "VF Parity", ― "Kherson will" lawyers say.

Thus, according to the submission of the Justice property and corporate rights of the company returned to legitimate owners. And this refusal of Ms. Borisenko Justice confirmed the legality of the Registrar's actions on the return of corporate rights "Khersonstroy".

However, dissatisfied with this decision invaders in the controlled MEDIA hang noodles on the ears of readers. They say, not the Ministry of Justice initiated the restoration of the rights of founders "Khersonstroy", and they allegedly captured them. Here is a quote:

"We will emphasize that in the case of KPD -5 with recognized illegal actions of the Registrar the corporate rights were seized by Lilia Sandik".

Will the Sandiks ' family be in court to defend honor and dignity and react to dirt and slander that build on them the local MEDIA and the Salda clan's minions? The leadership of "Khersonwill" does not speak yet.

The articles and the State Registrar of Chessleepskaya, which made changes regarding the head of the "KPD-5с".

"But at the last minute Mrs. Chedreamska was dreaming and the next day the action canceled, as erroneous," said the material of the Kherson site.

"Stopkor" appealed to the lawyers for the explanations.

"Chesleepat 26.03.2020 has made the register data on the heads of the CPOA -5 sec, which is confirmed by a description of the documents and the statement of the Register, but 27.03.2020 for the absence of any reason made in the UNIFIED registration action" Cancellation registration action (To correct the errors) "that the law does not provide. Thus in the actions of the State Registrar of Chessleepis from 27.03.2020 the abolition of legitimate registration action is considered an existing and obvious violation of the law ", — Comments The situation lawyers" Kherson ".

The next Fakk concerns the actions of the notary Volkodav v. And arrests have been imposed during the court disputes around "Kherson will".

"Volkodav did not check the register of legal entities, which contains information about arrests and reports of Raider seizure of the!!! Society"-the article reads.

The journalists of "Stopbark" asked whether the assets or registers of the company were actually arrested.

"No arrests and prohibitions in the register," the lawyers told "Khersonstroy". — Of course, Mr. Volkodav Checked the register for the presence of prohibitions. Notary Volkodav, according to the law, checked the powers of the members of the CRC -5 sec according to the Register and their personal representation. Recall that the rights of all participants of the " -5 is" are confirmed, in particular, the above-mentioned order no1025/5 ".

And the residents of Kherson in the social networks write that the pani of Volkodav is a well-written person who is respected, and it is unlikely that she would have gone in unlawful actions.

Photo: screenshot

Representatives of the returned enterprise state that the impunity for raiders generates the manipulation of facts and intimidation of law-abiding officials.

"Inaction of investigators in criminal proceedings no12017230040004965 in which a sufficient amount of evidence has been collected in two years, there is a clear judicial perspective. This is the direction to the court with the indictment and the verdicts of criminal group led by Deputy Saldom. Obviously, both investigators and prosecutors are obviously aware, but do not do anything at all. Or because risk lose the job, or because they have a personal interest, "said Alexander Sandik.

Thus, the journalists of "Stopbark" continue to monitor the situation around "Khersonstroy". Some false publications mentioned by the journalists of "Stopbark" have already been removed after the official appeal to the editorial offices. This procedure precedes the legal processes of denial of unrighteousness.

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