Gerega is selling medical protection from "humanitarian cargo" Zelenskyi: suggesting Klitschko and nardepam



Gerega is selling medical protection from "humanitarian cargo" Zelenskyi: suggesting Klitschko and nardepam

People's deputy and owner of the network "epicenter" Alexander Gerega wanted to sell Klitschko and nardepam masks, medical overalls and other anti-epidemic protection products delivered a "dream" from China.

 Aleksandr Gerega Photo: Express Online

These are the remedies that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy met as a humanitarian cargo for hospitals and pharmacies in Ukraine.

The profitable proposal was made by the mayor of Kyiv Klichko and fellow MPs.

This became known to journalists from a letter addressed to the Kyiv city mayor. Reports "Ukrayinska Pravda".

"Dear Vitaly Vladimirovich! On that week, the plane "Mriya" delivered to Ukraine a large batch of medical masks, glasses, sterile overalls of 5 degrees of protection, as well as other commodities of antiepidemic purpose. All of them have European and Ukrainian quality certificates. When a large batch is ordered, the price will be less (the goods price is added). If there is your interest, then we ask you to address all the questions to certain persons in the company "Epicenter K",-said in a letter.

 Gerega decided once again to "dare"

Recall that on April 23, President Zelensky met "dream" at the Antonov Airport in Gostomel.

In the president's office, the goods were named "humanitarian".

"Our dream" has brought to Ukraine 12 million masks-both for hospitals and for pharmacy chains. We also brought about 260 thousand of protective glasses for our doctors and more than 100 thousand protective suits of the fifth level of protection ",-stated President Zelensky's press service.

Note, the network of "epicenter" stores worked all over the country during the quarantine restrictions. In hypermarkets, people were born, and the sellers at the cash register released goods is not the first necessity.

This situation is outraged not only the MEDIA, but also representatives of small and medium businesses. April 29 under the cabinet was protest. The people asked why the "epicenter" of Gerega and the restaurant "velour" Tyshchenko can work, and they-not.

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