Most illegal buildings in Kyiv are usually associated with Ukrainian elites



Most illegal buildings in Kyiv are usually associated with Ukrainian elites

Since I began to actively engage in public activities, I realized that I constantly have to face illegal buildings. Especially on the territory of Kyiv and Kyiv region. In all of these projects, there are certain common tenlention – a violation of GOS norms and building legislation, as well as absolute inaction of law enforcement and regulatory bodies such as DHABI for example. One more thing – all these constructions are usually connected with some Ukrainian elites.

Illustration: Stomkor

No exception is also known buildings on Victory Avenue 50. Recently we recorded there illegal construction and appealed to the corresponding statement to a number of instances. Unfortunately, Spostergaêtsâ is a full abstragovanìst of law enforcement agencies even with regard to this particular case.


Similar processes in Ukraine usually associated with anything other than with the full corruption. For example, this construction is attributed just to the representative of such an elite. We are talking about Ms. Bilozir, who has links with top officials, and was also the ministryhim of culture in 2005-2006 years.

As the journalists found, Oksana Bilozir, along with her husband novel Nedzyelsky, sons Andrew and Yaroslav, with the former assistant Mariana Hrabinska, and with the Dean Ivan Vladom and Josef Moskovich (Citizens of Israel) organized at least two criminal schemes for the sale of illegal real estate.

In particular, according to the general plan of Kyiv, the site on Pobeda Avenue, 50 A is located in the territory of green spaces for public use and in the sanitary-protective zone. According to city planning legislation, it prohibits the construction of any buildings (residential complexes, public buildings, shopping centers, etc.).

At the same time, a number of documents for the construction of any facility on this site is also absent:

-Urban conditions and KSCA restrictions did not issue;

-Permission for construction work of DHABI in Ukraine did not issue;

-Construction examination of the construction was not made.

I would like to note, that the situation is just super-realistic – having occupied the post of Minister of Culture Bilozir begins the construction at the monument to culture in fact. Although the park "Slava Tankistam" and not very large, however, the construction is actually adjacent to it.

Vysoku erected "on the head" of the state publishing house "Press of Ukraine" Photo: Stopkor

What is more remarkable is the construction – it is that it is located on one of the central streets of the city on Peremohy Avenue, actually in view of all. Construction work has already been going on for a while, but neither the Kyiv City Council nor the DABI nor the regulatory authorities nor the police have interfered in any way.

Meanwhile, the technique is working in place, killed a pile, and so on.

What to do?

In general practice, the solution of such issues is of course to seek to pursue all the instances from the controlling bodies, so that they will leave the place, impose prohibitions on this construction. Local councils should contact to the court, prohibit any construction work on the place, and of course, an active public position of people – activists, NGOs, and others — is important here. Only by joint efforts of the public can block such construction and not give elites "to live."

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