Odesa Regional prosecutor uses Onhoney case for own PR-journalists (video)



Odesa Regional prosecutor uses Onhoney case for own PR-journalists (video)

Odessa National Medical University feverish again. This time, blocking the work of one of the largest universities and disrupting the training of future doctors in the difficult period for the country engaged in... Prosecutors. Who and why is trying to again "undermine" the situation around the medical school? And why do the Odessa law enforcement officers, despite the hard quarantine, conduct mass searches of scientists? Journalist Nataliya Maltseva tells from the place of events.

Illustration: Stomkor

Recall, on March 23, in the midst of all-Ukrainian quarantine, the employees of the Odessa city prosecutor's office No3 with numerous violations conducted searches in the administration of Onhoney and in the dwellings of several employees of the Usha. And the next day, one of the prosecutors diagnosed COVID-19.


Law enforcement officers did not use personal protective equipment to expose many people to the risk of infection. In addition, conducting investigative activities in the apartments of scientists who are not related to the merits of the case (officials Honhoney "sew" financial fraud) is more than doubtful.

Searching Onhoney during quarantine Photo: Stopkor

It should be added that the city prosecutor's office No3 of Odessa categorically refused to provide any comments about unlawful searches and sent the media to the regional prosecutor's office. Why go there? After all, the business of the urban prosecutors should be engaged?


As it became known "Stoprivers", the notorious searches that managed the scandalous prosecutor Oksana Otruk initiated the prosecutor of the Odessa region – Maxim Vyhor.

Insiders argue that in this way Maxim Anatolyevich is just trying to strengthen his own position, because until now in his assets — no disclosed resonance case.

"This, of course, causes a considerable dissatisfaction in the Office of the Prosecutor General. So, to stay in his chair, the public prosecutor decided to hastily "propiarating" on the case of Odessa Medical University ", – commented reporter Nataliya Maltseva, who is currently in Odessa and conducts journalistic investigation.

Maxim Whirlwind Photo: GolosUA

Note, Mr. Vyhora was appointed as the head of the prosecutor's office in Odessa region in October 2019. Prior to that, he worked for almost twenty years in operational and managerial positions in the bodies of the security Service of Ukraine.

According to the MEDIA, Colonel Vyhor was an employee of the security service of Ukraine in the region – the infamous "K" department, which is engaged in the fight against corruption and crime. After the dismissal of the SBU, Maksym was claiming the head of the Mykolaiv regional branch of the SBI and worked at one of the prosecutors in the General Prosecutor's Office.

The prosecutor's declaration is a residential building and land plot in a bare wharf in Kherson region and more than UAH 700 thousand in cash.

At the end of February this year, Odessa picketed the building of the regional prosecutor's office, demanding that Mr. Vihora to dismiss one of his deputies, who appears in the case of a deadly ACCIDENT.

Recall that the kolotnecha around Onhoney lasts from the summer of 2019. Having failed at the time by force to seize the building of the administration, the Raiders of the Discommitted supervisory Board of Honhoney started a dirty media campaign against the illegally dismissed Rector and some officials of the Usha. Unfortunately, Odessa prosecutors are involved in the war. They, indulging in Dubinand Aimedova, try to commit obstacles activities of the university.

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