Free tests: Metropolitan anticorruption officers joined the fight against Coronaweed (photo)



Free tests: Metropolitan anticorruption officers joined the fight against Coronaweed (photo)

Civic activists from NGO "stop of corruption" made their own contribution to the fight against Coronarusom in the capital. Anti-corruption officers have checked more than hundred Kiev by means of rapid tests. What are these tests, where they are and how they work-said the coordinator of the project, the famous journalist Roman Bochkala.

Activists carried out in the capital free rapid testing Photo: Instalgramma Roman Bochkali

"Stopkorivka" has acquired over 200 express tests of German production by its own expense. Such test systems are used in German and Spanish hospitals for diagnostics COVID-19.

"With the help of our Spanish friends, we received these tests. Unfortunately, we were unable to get them for free – the prices are different, this is already a speculative demand. Tests are now very necessary. Therefore, they are difficult to obtain without payment, but we are giving them up in vain. This is our volunteer contribution to the fight against Koroavir ", – said Roman.

According to the journalist, the cost of one jar with tests varies from 15 to 200 dollars. In each jar – Ten test tapes.

The diagnosis is simple: you just need to soak the test tape in the human urine. Within 15 minutes, the tape acquires a certain color. A yellow or orange color means that this person is not infected with a coronaress. Green – disturbing indicator.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine law enforcement officers several times recorded the distribution and use of fake rapid tests. Therefore, in the NGO "stop corruption" urged to be cautious and not buy unverified tests of dubious origin. Test systems, acquired by activists, volunteers first checked on patients with confirmed cases in one of the hospitals.

The coordinator of the NGO "stop of corruption" also emphasized: Express tests do not give a absolute guarantee – the accuracy of such a diagnosis is 90 percent. However, it was precisely because of these tapes that activists found three cases of coronavir infection among hundreds of people being tested.

Part of tests handed over to volunteers and Attostam Photo: Stopkor

Once it was a man who contacted the patient. Just decided to check and received confirmation. In the other two cases people did not even suspect that they may have SARS-Cov-2. But it turned out that they are still bearers of the virus.

"I believe everyone has a right to the test. I do not understand why the tests provide only those who have confirmation, suspicions, etc. because in each case the symptoms are different. And there will not always be a dry cough or a certain temperature, absence or presence of a common cold. This is a new virus, people know him badly, doctors never encountered it. I believe that mass testing is the key to detecting outbreaks. So did South Korea, so committed in many other countries. It shows good results, and let it give not 100 percent, but 90 percent – it's also very good. And that's why everyone who has the opportunity to be checked is supposed to do this, Mr. Bochkala summed up.

Note that part of the test systems representatives of the public organization handed over to volunteers and the zone of the OOS. Currently, the diagnosis continues.

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