NARDEP was ill with coronarunes in Cyprus and returns to Kyiv



NARDEP was ill with coronarunes in Cyprus and returns to Kyiv

The "Servant of the People" faction Andrey Kholodov said that in Cyprus he has undergone Corona's disease. 


After the advent of news that he flew from Ukraine after the warning of closing borders and missed since 5 meetings of the Verkhovna Rada, Kholodov decided to provide explanations.

Nardep argues that the president and head of the SN faction, as well as many colleagues, were aware of the situation.

According to Kholodov, from Kyiv to Cyprus, he flew on March 15 because the next day his little son had to operate there. The NARDEP notes that he planned to return immediately after the operation-on March 17 and had on his hands a ticket for the Larnaca-Kiev flight.

"I sit at the council almost next to deputies Ruslan Gorbenkom and Vladimir Vtrak, who among the first received positive tests for the coronavirus.

A flight to Kyiv was canceled by the airline on March 17.

My condition deteriorated sharply, and I began to suspect that the infected coronaxes. I had all the symptoms COVID-19, which are warned physicians: high temperature, fever, cough, shortness of breath. Three times, starting from March 19, doctors have been summoned to my home.

A test in Cyprus I can not do then-people with symptoms of coronavirus are not allowed even in the building of hospitals.

The doctors obliged me to self-isolate and in writing banned the trip.

The evacuation flight to Kyiv was planned for March 20. I decided not to try to fly 20 March, in order not to violate the ban of doctors to move and not to expose the risk of infection hundreds of citizens of Ukraine in the plane. And I believe it was the right decision, "wrote Kholodov on Facebook

Thus, Kholodov said that he found himself locked outside Ukraine, without the physical possibility to return to Kyiv, and with very substantiated suspicions on COVID-19. NARDEP notes that the disease is hard enough, being all the time with the family in self-isolation. At this, Kholodov does not indicate whether its infection was confirmed by laboratory tests.

"12 days I took antibiotics. Only after it became easier I started looking for ways to return to Kyiv. Today-April 30-will be the first for a long time, the flight Larnaca-Kiev, which I can fly-said NARDEP

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