Ukrainian-Ukrainian cities do not razreshajut to Delat



Ukrainian-Ukrainian cities do not razreshajut to Delat

Ukrainian-Ukrainian cities do not razreshajut to Delat

Ukrainian-Ukrainian cities do not razreshajut to Delat

In Odessa Oblalist Krytiesya situation c is testyrovanem on Kornavyrus, and Takzhe Zaschytoy medics.

On the basis of the community on Svoi Stransiyit in the Fejsbuke Ossenatelnitsa Welfare Foundation "Corporatsiya Monstrov" Ekaterina Nozhevnikova, Revet Segodnya "Tsenzor. No."

"I have fed for the day, dozens soobhochennymy that vrhey. O piniynymy, Neâsnoj eology, Torennye Zapolnyayut Bolshoy Horod and Oblysti. O Tom, that does not razreshajut to be annotated (PPR and Express) Soglasno Prikatu 663 at Otsutstviy in Pachyenta Epimiolohicicheskogo Anlyza and Prebыvanie in Contactnoy Strand. O Tom, what is the acronym rotovyatyly turn off the pictures of photographers in social networks and soobrochat about Tom, hem and how they are obespecheny.

O Tom, that in regional Zhenynuyu was brought from two-Sidewater polysegmental pneumotheons, a tar otklyazit Gospalizirovat and Testyrovat in the Invektsionke, later that "on not bыla for the limit".

O Courageous in District Bolnythis, in Kotorago večerom Podnyalas temperature, and already with a cut-in of the 56, the percentages and through time Ostanka Serdtsa. Reanymirovaly 11 Chelovek. All the gates for the contact. But to those who know, with Bohlen patsient-Testov as not Bыlo and No..

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At 10 Bolshoit Zhenschyna s Pniynyey lay 8 days. Transferred in the infective Podtverždën. 19

What are the tasks in the tenth? Skolko Sman contact with a patsyentom? Who is the izrolroval? Otvetov Neet ",-said Nozhevnikova.

"Dorohye our doors. Go to the Kogai please yes, how the Sdelala is your Kollea of Bolshoy number 5. It's time to speak ear. The time and your life, and our will pour out of vashego of Muzhestvo straight say the truth and are not afraid!!!

It was so much that now it is all about you. And I do not cope without yourpodderzhky. But I still do not have the notion that fight the noose for Sebja Tozhe. Most. And that, who will bring you to the end of all, so far not understood, that uleteet on Samolёte lezes in Druguyu will not Vyydet ",-called on.

"And it's a" Vlad ". If you do not naveёte order in the process, do not turn all the power of the computer and do not nashёte something delat-all of our usidыm Besssnylny. And Togda I will tell Podrobno about all your soviechaniyah and methane.

O Headquarters, it is not a mighty to agree on one of the Spravі, and in all the branches of the governor and team of all the obeys, but from a koltornyh not Vyshilo, and O Vzylo podolyyee Postyno, Vlad S.

About dozens of people, Toruye Pыtayutsya in Preszhney classes new Kreslo pod view of the "Vseya Rus", I o Tech, who by her old, so bad Derzhytsya, that zabyvaet o svoh directional functions.

O Tom, that Krome Invitsov, Skolko Chego I was brought to the office of the President, all our commute will soon be Svedёtsya ",-said Nozhevnikova.

"I will be offended by the business, the time of the Kolzvatyvaet Kolssalnye Dengi, you have to turn the problem and problems of your cones. Your Predschestvennikov. Business, Kopivyy popopadit Dorohushye IVVL, DeLaet repair in the departments of the Nedelyu, the tassel on their own samolёtki Smalstva zashchty because of the border, Uzstanavlyvaet Cisterny and acid station in your big, and vы soobchaete me-"It does not go in the procedure Bystroy purchase" .

Ko Vsem Byznoshmenam, toryye ready to Vydavat premyalnye Vrach and Kopye Vydelyaet sad, Presvyshatyuschie in the total size, you vydelennuyu all our multi-directional area.

Ko all Gorzhans and residents of the Oblates, the Toryye, the Vremya, the money and the nerves of the system, you can not get one of the Prikaj for Dvu Nedeli. To the word, I give hi from the Ohozhovoyu otdelenija a large Vodnikov, ozavinshgosya in middle-pornographic pain. This is not the same as for the other. At the time of 17:00, the day of Vcherashnego was so and not bыlo. In the Thursday on a day, the staff said — tomorrow Budet Pokah. The five days..

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I will be offended by a business with a very few to leave the process. A bear každyj of them, in the Sostoyand behaved bald bolnitsu outraged.. But it is time for the Seychelles to save the Maksimalnoe hood of the people, vystvynyusya your work.

You'll be shut up, medikamenty as. Vyskenychat Supply, Sutkami Izuvyat the Chinese Zavodov, be spared the embassies, Vypustili and the breaststroke of Pollock, let in. Georgians, Pokupajte, Razvozite to the garden and oblasts, think, how to outraged Obschezhytyya for the gate-to take an upparade, furniture, products, a technical equipment and the most of the same-name, and how to tell the Vrhey, and so far. Be happy with the pumps of CRB, Podstantny, ambulatory, center health and Slushayte s of the same...

Well, or you could tell the furniture to be Zadyatelno Doritelno, as the sdelaly in the infective pain. And that fact is simply want under the earth will fail. Zakyzyat, and Stыdno us.. The furniture of the honor-it is you could zakazat, and acid station Nelya. And we could take a monument to him. How are the topics, who is ready to captivate the hundreds of the living in the cities of Grazhdan of the cities and regions, because Sostvennyh Politicheskih and Lychnyh ambity.

Maxim Kutsyy, K Sozheniyu, the number of your team Sabotiruet the process and DeLaet all, to discredit the Dayton authorities in the Tselom. In the street or Specialno, not berus judge, but I ask you nezmedlytelno say, and it will be quite a very real headquarters of the region, it seems that all stremed all over on a ne... One of the general staff, not three on the centers ",-summarized Nozhevnikova.

In the photo "the Retortor mask", the kotorue had fallen into a narrow section. Odessa 2020.

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