The deputy head of the state shipping company has a firm in Russia and earns in annexed Crimea



The deputy head of the state shipping company has a firm in Russia and earns in annexed Crimea

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company is a unique enterprise, which as long as it belongs to the state and performs almost a third of all cargo transportation to the Danube. Why, despite such capacities, the company barely ends with the end? And why are there many questions for the first staffing of the new management? In order to understand this story, the "Stopcrust" crew went to Ishmael.


Recall that after the law firm deputy chairman of the Board of the UDP, Andriy Kravtsov disrupted the performance of the contract, shipping company, where he is now the first deputy chairman of the board, suffered significant losses: the debt for the vessel rent reached two million hryvnia, Return abandoned in Istanbul, the ship cost another million. Two million salary crew also had to pay the state steamship.

But this is not all interesting facts. According to the information of our sources, Andriy Kravtsov is the ultimate beneficiary of another shipping company – "Falkon expert of Korporeyshen". According to open data, the firm is registered in the Russian Rostov-on-Don.

The ships of this company go, in particular, under the flags of Moldova. One of them is the "Falkon" cargo vessel, which was noticed in Kerch in early March (about this the information on the specialized site is preserved), despite the sanctions and prohibition to work on the annexed peninsula.

The company is registered in Rostov-on-Don

Unfortunately, to comment on court decisions and the millions of debts of his firm before the state shipping company Andrey Kravtsov refused. And investigations of "Stopmeasles" continued their search. And it turned out that UDP is not the only company that suffered losses, working with the firms of Mr. Kravtsov and his patrons.

It is worth mentioning the co-founders of the debtor "Infoland inkorpoted": Apart from Kravtsova we saw the son and father – Denis and Konstantin Molodkovtsiv. They are the owners of the company "KDM Shiping", which, incidentally, worked Mr. Kravtsov. Information about this remained on his Facebook page.

"KDM shiping" is one of the largest private shipping companies in Ukraine that transports cargo by courts of "river-Sea" class and works in the Azov, Black and Mediterranean seas. Exactly on behalf of this firm Mr. Kravtsov concluded the agreement.

As he told us, on condition of anonymity, the UDP worker, one of the stories related to Kravchuk during his work at the KDM, was completed in the London arbitration Court.

"The DDM leased the vessel for transportation of its cargo. I do not know what the schemes were, but in the end the load of the KDM could not provide, than the actual rail charter was disrupted. As a result, at least two companies have suffered huge losses due to such actions. After much consideration the London arbitration ruled that the KDM should pay victims companies 700 thousand US dollars ",-said the insider.

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